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Ігри Розваги Сім’я Слово
0.99 USD

Can you spell your way out of danger? Quickly tap letters to spell out words .. the larger the word, the more points you earn … and keep the weight off the bar. Too many letters remaining unused causes the bar to fall. If it falls too far the Alphagators will pounce and the round will be over.

Race time; manage your nerves and courage to balance the wait for long words versus the need to clear letters quickly and you will master this game. Thrilling and challenging gameplay that will have you playing over and over to better your score.

Well worth the small price to have this App in your collection for quick pick-up games when you have a few minutes or to challenge your brain and to string together the best words possible.

Thank you for considering our game, we think you will be thrilled with it!